having exams
recently, I am having exams.....

somehow, I want to post to here.

I am not very happy recently....  because I don't like studying and I usually lose in go games=[

bradley james
recetly, I discovered that there was a great drama on atv. It's merlin. Unluckily, atv has been aired all of it.  I am now watching it on the net. 

honestly , I don't watch foreign dramas a lot. But this one is really good. merlin and Arthur are "really friends"XD 

I like them especially, Arthur(bradley james. blonde hair. he is really handsome^^ I like him very much.

so I am looking for some bradley fansclub. hope I will join one of it :)  I think I will

I have learned to love you.
The fansclub is not closed. Maybe the "boss" didn't want to :D

it's so lucky of me that my favourite place is still here

don't want to say goodbye!

A fans club that I usually go to will be closed on 25th because only a few people go to.

When I was 13, I have joined here. I dont' wanna it was closed. The "leader" is very nice. All people are friend to me. No I don't want to say goodbye to here.

I want to take over it but I knwo I can't. I don't know how. I also worry it's still noone would go to.

have you finished your holiday homework?

I have finsihed my homework!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH

New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad

yesterday TVB airs New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad. it's cool to see the scenery of Norway and their food.

The looks of the food are so weird. Orange soup...... Our soups are usually light brown, as clear as water. 

besides, I can't image what taste two pieces of butter into a soup are. We don't use butter on our soup or even on our food. The main seasoning is salt.

have a great summer holiday!
summer holiday is coming. I am very happy.

In fact, I don't plan to do something during this holiday. only play computer. oh yes, my life is so boring. hope someone will get on MSN and talk to me.

Miss Ho likes HIM

maybe I usually talk to teachers. yes, sometimes. maybe I don't have a lot of really friends, only a few and teachers like I talk about HIM to them.

Recently, my act teacher asked me why my act had HIM and what HIM was. I told her it was because I like HIM so I liked to draw some HIM things. She seemed curious so asked me more.

After, she told me she liked secert garden and asked me give her some HIMsongs.

I gave her In Joy and Sorrow^^ She said it's cool and Ville looked cool too. haha

I was so happy.

another thing, secert garden is great:)

english week

this week was a happy week for me.  Wicked game was aired in the school twice:)

I was quite happy to know a lot of people like me. Crystal, Yuki, 星, mr robert and ms ma Thanks a lot^^

the song list has been posted.

today was very fun.

I told around my friends the song list had been posted when I discovered that.

there is wicked game on no.9!!

After my english teacher aired a bit of the songs. She knew that I liked HIM. She started showing us the videos when she aired No.7.......... the next song is HIM wicked game!!  I really really wanted to cry. Ms Ma was very nice. Almost all of my classmates knew I like HIM and their reactions were very huge. That made me cried. I cried a bit.

And I also knew the videos will be post on TV. I was very happy. I could imagine how great it wil be. I could not believe it will happened. yeah it is so real ^^

after school, i wanted to find ms robert because he chose wicken game. I want to say thanks to him. I had waited for him for so long time. And my friends didn't wait for me so they left. and my friends saw mr robert and told him I was waiting for him. My friends were so nice:) 

I hadn't said thanks and he had said something about english week and wanted to teach me how to turn on the TV for english week. I was a bit nervous because I hadn't say thank to him and I didn't know what he was talking about a lot. 

Luckily, he told me wicked game would be also air on TV. I said very slowly "yes, I..........want to say thank you" I didn't know if he really understand why I found him but anyway, I had said what I wanted to. He told me to see him again on 29.

I really really happy and  THANK YOU MS LAM, MS MA, MR ROBERT AND ALL OF MY FRIENDS. if not you, I could not air HIM. I am so happy to meet you. I love you all!!!


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